Monday, December 20, 2010

Tron's Style Legacy

I was not at all excited about seeing Tron. I went along for the ride. It was good. I left surprised, not only that I liked it, but that I got inspired by the sets and costumes - a nice bit of 80s nostalgia didn't hurt. The costumes with their glowing strips of white and orange will be all over the place come fall runways...and Halloween. The girls are gorgeous and their hair and makeup will also be all over the place. The best part, the above apartment inside the computer-generated world. The people at Disney done good.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cali Kim

How is it that I've lived in San Diego since April and still not posted on ye olde blog about it? I think I've been overwhelmed by the ongoing aura of vacation, vast number of things to do and sights to see, and the unavoidable work and related business travel I've undertaken in said past six months. Anyway, I haven't even scratched the surface but I'm ready to spill about a few of my favorite discoveries so far - here are my top five:

1. Coronado Dog Beach - Hands down, my favorite place to spend my evenings. Dogs, dolphins, endless ocean views. Hint: If you don't like dogs, keep out.

2. Cucina Urbana - I've been to restaurants, lots of restaurants. This is one of my all-time favorites. Ever.

3. Humphrey's - Magical, musical heaven. Outdoor concert venue by the boats, with waitress service from bar-to-seat so you don't even have to get up for another glass of wine.

4. The Q - An architectural stunner in the heart of Little Italy. I'm obsessed with this building.

5. The Seals at the Children's Pool in La Jolla - OK, I know this is on every tourist list but I was a girl with about 20 harbor seal stuffed animals. These are real. Check out my friend Ashley's pics from her visit (And above).

I'll post some more in about six months.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love This Blog

What a great blog. Friends, I encourage you to read it. K. Strate, thanks for sharing. And, Ree, thanks for reminding me how important it is to give my own blog some love more often.

Photo credit: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall Flung

I'm somewhat uninspired this fall, what with my relocation to California and the year of perpetual summer (plus, my Vogue September issue STILL hasn't come). Now, don't get me wrong, California is inspiring...the weather just doesn't support a seasonal wardrobe change. In spite of the fact I now live in yoga clothes and don't brush my hair, I still love a good fall fashion shopping spree. This year, I thought I'd give you my list so you can go out and prep for the cold weather and I can live vicariously. Enjoy!

Leather - Opera length gloves (please wear with short or 3/4 sleeves, not dresses). T-shirts. Mini skirts. Tailored jackets. Just get something.

Wide-legged trousers - Thank you Celine.

Camel blazer or coat - Go the menswear route. Or unexpected with peekaboos.

Red - Granted, I posted a bathing suit. But this one is so beautiful you could wear it as a tank under a cardigan and pants.

Crossbody - This is the ultimate, and believe me, I've been looking forever.

Cozy knitwear - My absolute favorite look of all is this sweater and skirt combo. Give it a minute to load.

Wrap belt and floor-length skirt - You don't have to wear these together. This epitomizes fall for me.

BTW, last year's list is still pretty relevant - if you need a reminder of my forecasts for Fall 2009, revisit this post.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hooves and Hornblowers

New York is a city of old and new, big and small, dirt and diamonds. I love it. Here are a few of my most recent finds – include them on your next itinerary:

JoJo - A gem of fine dining. Steep Upper East Side townhouse. Romantic and relatively well-priced for the Jean-Georges Vongerichten family of restos.

The Crangi Family Project - An amazing jewelbox. This place is not to be missed. I could have bought every single piece in there if I'd recently won the lottery.

Rooftop bar at the Met - We were lucky enough to be in town while the Big Bambu exhibit was up. Amazing views of the city overlooking Central Park. The bar is seasonal so check the schedule before you go.

The High Line - Go in the morning with your coffee and a lavender doughnut. Walk the whole thing. Start at the north end. Donate and get a cute enviro-friendly tote bag.

Meatpacking shopping - Take the stairs down at the end of the High Line. Cross the street. Shopping heaven. Jeffrey. Vince. Tory Burch. Stella McCartney. DVF. The Pratique Guide looks fun, and there's a free guide for the taking too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunshine Girl

Despite her super dry sense of humor, penchant for the offbeat and gorgeously vampy red hair, I still think of Spare-Time Shooter, JS colleague and friend Ashley Harp as a sunshine girl. I think her photographs are most telling – she always captures just the right light. Check out her blog, which features photos from a recent visit to my new city, my dog, and lots of other pretty stuff. If you want to die laughing over how hard it was to trek across country to take these shots read about it on her other blog.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was just sitting next to this guy at the airport I could have sworn was Frank from The Bachelorette. Frankly (tee hee), he was super skinny, kinda smelly, but weirdly cute. I think Frank has great potential to be a star - I have no idea what his talent is, but to me he just has that "it" factor or je ne sais quoi (despite his wife beater-esque T on last week's episode). Watch for him.

Note: Now that I see what a big, fat loser Frank is, I kind of regret this post. I'm leaving it, just sayin'.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mickey and Minis

I so dreaded going to Orlando on business. I thought, what can be worse than a humid, alligator-infested, land-locked Florida city? Well folks, I was wrong. What I discovered is Orlando is kinda cool. Sure, it still has mosquitoes the size of dogs, lightning (lots of it) and the aforementioned alligators, but it has some other neat stuff too. Here's a quick download from my very brief trip:

  • Thornton Park - A charming, tiny downtown among a stunning neighborhood of parks, lakes and cute cottages and bungalows. Stop for a drink or two and stroll.
  • College Park - Another park-themed neighborhood, this area is a little more grungy than Thornton Park, but still has a lot of character. I was especially fond of the neighborhood's 50s-era Publix, which took me back to my 70s-era childhood. Jack Kerouac lived here.
  • Outlet malls - There is some darn good shopping here, including one of the few outlet malls in the U.S. with European labels. Dior, Ferragamo, MaxMara, Fendi, Marni, Etro.
  • Disney, Sea World and other worlds of fun for those who still like to wear mouse ears (like me).
For more ideas, check out this 2006 NYT story on the area. Guess I'll stop being a travel snob.

Credit goes to for the amazing Publix illustration.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh, oh Domino

The best thing to happen to me since Domino unexpectedly shut its doors (and I got a crummy Glamour subscription in its place) is today's discovery of doppelganger Lonny Magazine. I'd heard this was out there but kept forgetting the site, so clearly I'm living under a rock. Oh so exciting!! The best part, you can scroll over items pictured or ads to click directly to the web site to buy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Desperation Hot Fudge Sauce

It's Sunday night. You desperately need a hot fudge sundae, but alas, no fudge in sight. Here's a recipe that will give you the fix you need - it only takes about 2 minutes out of your couch time and it can be accomplished with no grocery store runs.

  • 3 Dove milk chocolates (I'm sure dark would work too)
  • 2-3 Tbs. fat-free (or regular) Half n Half
  • Vanilla ice cream (preferably Breyers All Natural Vanilla)
Unwrap the three Doves and do not eat while unwrapping. Place in a small microwavable bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds. Check. Microwave again for 20-30 seconds until you can easily stir all three into a big chocolately swirl. Add a Tbs. of Half n Half. Stir. Add another Tbs. of Half n Half. Stir, making sure the chocolate is not hardening. Microwave another 20-30 seconds until mixture is hot.

Scoop however many scoops of vanilla into a separate bowl. Pour the hot fudge sauce on top and let it melt the ice cream a little. Eat and enjoy.

If you're feeling really energetic, you might also try:
- Adding a Tbs. of coffee to the chocolate in place of Half n Half (or in addition to)
- Adding nuts - chopped pecans preferably
- Putting a cherry on top

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are You Red-dy?

For two years now I've been stalking storefronts for the perfect red top I once saw on the Marni rack at one of my favorite places to waste time. Countless salespeople have told me, "red is not in this season," blue is, or green, or yellow, or white. Whatever. I want red. Lo and behold, that bell-weather of fashion Times is now predicting red will be big for fall. Hallelujah.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amber Alert

Really? This is what made me fall in love with San Diego.

More or Less

A few weeks ago, one of my dreams came true. I met the heir to Tony Duquette's design throne. And then, I was promptly invited to visit Dawnridge, Duquette's former estate and current home to the aforementioned heir, Hutton Wilkinson. The Bev Hills fantasy-land is chronicled in part in Hutton's new coffee table book More is More, which is total eye candy. I am dreaming up all sorts of new ideas for the Duquette brand. I'm sure my visit will inspire even more of my hare-brained ideas - stay tuned.

Note: I received an email today from the attorney for the Duquette estate and have updated my original post (am glad to see someone's reading this). My intent was not to say that the brand needed reviving, but that I am excited by the momentum the brand is now seeing. It's clear that the team is working hard to bring the brand to the forefront once again. I'm only hoping my little blog post will help spread the word to those outside the colony of design tastemakers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rock of Ages

I've always dreamed of a cross-country journey, so our trek across the southern U.S. to get from The ATL to Cali was supposed to be the ultimate adventure. Nonetheless, we were racing against the clock and it turned into a long haul instead of a leisurely ride to see the largest ball of twine. But, we did still see some neat stuff. Here's a quick recap of the highlights:

1. Alabama countryside - I can't say I was expecting anything at all, so how could I have been disappointed? The road between Montgomery and Selma (Hwy. 80 AKA the Selma-to-Montgomery Trail) was surprisingly pretty - rolling hills, yellow fields and lots of fresh, spring greenery.

2. Crossing the Mighty Mississipp - The bridges in Vicksburg, crossing from MS to LA were pretty monumental.

3. East Texas - As a fan of Friday Night Lights, I could just see Riggins and crew playing football and drinking beer in the hills of East Texas. A stop to see family in Tyler (esp. our adorable nephew, Dallas) was a highlight.

4. West Texas - I didn't think anything could be uglier than W. Texas after we passed Dallas and drove for hours, and hours, and hours. I was shocked when we started to see mountains in the distance and discovered how beautiful it was. The Guadalupes have always held a mystique for my dad, and I felt the same way. It was so peaceful driving through and I can't wait to go back. Plus, Marfa is a fascinating town I'm dying to visit.

5. Las Cruces, NM - El Paso was pretty darn scary, I have to admit. The traffic was nuts. It was NM or bust, and we made it to Las Cruces to stay at the pet-friendly Hotel Encanto. It was a little slice of heaven.

6. Imperial Dunes - Seriously, could California get any cooler? I had no idea what we were going to see when we crossed the border to our new home state. Sand dunes like I didn't know existed in the U.S. - Sahara-size, humongous dunes. So amazing - if I wasn't so afraid of the border patrol (they take their jobs very, very seriously) I would have gotten out, run to the top and rolled all the way down.

7. Cleveland Natl Forest - Remember Rock Biter in Neverending Story? The eastern side of the mountains in Cleveland National Forest look like he's chewed em up and spit em out. When you come down, you pass through the Lagunas, enter the hill country east of SD and then ride on down to the ocean. It's like heaven.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Indecision 2010

Never have I been so flummoxed by my red carpet opinion as with this year's Oscars. I have waited far too long to post my faves, possibly because they aren't actors at all - they're both part of the fashion world in some way. I wish I had an actor and actress to include here, but they were all too pretty and predictable (or atrocious) so I'm going to stick with those that hit me first:

Tom Ford - The ne plus ultra in men's grooming and style. If I could come back as someone in my next life, it'd be Tom Ford. Bonus, a nod to Coco with the camellia.

Sandy Powell - Winner for Costume Design for The Young Victoria. I don't love her accessories, but the dress shall overcome. I would have worn it plain. The low back is enough of an accessory.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Had to share these little things that make me tick on a Saturday morning; hope they bring you some sunshine (OK, I'm really ready for spring to get here):

Phillip Lim - I'm lucky enough to have a few items from 3.1 and they are my absolute favorite works of art in my closet. His stuff is RTW priced but is still pure genius. Here's a peek inside his apartment from The Times. After reading this profile, I think we're soul mates.

Jamie Cullum - Something in his songs just get me. Saw him last night in concert and he's way better live - I cried during All at Sea, what a sap (hey, 2009 was a rough year and the song was there for me). His new album The Pursuit was just released.

The Times Style Magazine - I'm pretty ticked that I ended my subscription just before this issue came out. Reading The Times on the weekend with my cup of java is transporting.

Keurig Coffeemaker - So fun to try new flavors. Today I'm having Spicy Mayan Mocha. Delish.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want...

Someday, spring will come again. And when it does, we’ll all be cheering from the rooftops for clothes that show a little skin. In an effort to inject a little fun into spring dressing (and dreaming), here’s the upcoming season’s inspiration wish list done head to toe.

Headgear – Something creative on the head is a must. Try metallic headbands, Roman-inspired leaf vines, mini tiaras, animal ears…even funny hats, just make it different and wear with bedhead.

Bronze Harlow Leaf - $60

Face – Clean, healthy and slightly tan. Makeup should only enhance what’s natural, not mask or shade.

Coat – A super soft and lightweight leather jacket will go over everything. Make sure it fits right in the waist. Take your pick of color from black, grey and almost beige.
Funktional - $417

Tops – White with embellishments – not just your basic white shirt, the cuffs are rolled, sleeves are puffy or there is some sort of architectural cut-out.
Roberto Cavalli - $1275

Wrists – Simple leather or teeny gold bracelets layered with your watch.
Hayden Harnett - $78

Denim – Super huge this spring, lightweight denim is all over the place. My wish list item, a pair of baggy, skirt-like super short chambrays – I’m also wishing for the long, tan legs to go with this look.
Thakoon - $580

Square pants – Wear the new baggy, short pants with platforms – even maybe with pleated fronts if you’re skinny.

Toes – White tennis shoes or dark brown leather flat sandals. That’s all you need for day. Use the shoes in your closet to pair with the rest.

Chloe - $525

J Crew Converse - $65

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Passenger

After enjoying the company of my loyal pooch so much this morning on our weekly ride to the grocery, I've decided to pay homage to "The Passenger" as I've come to call him. He goes everywhere with me and sits in the passenger seat just like a human. Sadly, he doesn't get to go in most places, but he loves it anyway.

"I took my dog for a walk...all the way from New York to Florida. I said to him, 'there, now you're done.'" - Steven Wright

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Day in L.A.

This rainy Sunday marks the semi-official start of the 2010 glam season out west, so let's have a little red carpet revelry for the Golden Globes! It's oh so easy to judge from the comfort of the leather recliner, decked out in my skinny jeans, Marmot vest, J. Crew cashmere and Fuggs (that's faux Uggs to you cave dwellers - and yes, they are my house shoes). With preliminary results now in, here are my top vote-getters for best and absolute worst:

Best-dressed Man - Jon Hamm
Sexiest. Man. Alive. Hands down. (I cannot find a photo that isn't in flash, stay tuned...)

Best-dressed Woman - Marion Cotillard
J'adore Marion et j'adore Dior.

Honorable Mentions

Emily Blunt - Her fashion education in the Devil Wears Prada is still paying off. Gorge in pink layers.
Jeanne Tripplehorn - Basic black, classic and sophisticated.

Worst-dressed Woman - Mariah Carey
I love Herve Leger as much as the next girl, but please cover your boobs. The whole mystique of the Leger dress is how bandages cover your body parts and leave a little mystery as to what's below. Ugh. (I'm not showing a picture, no one should be rewarded for that.)

Watch for spring trends to follow what you're seeing here folks - ruffles redux, jewel tones, peachy pinks and metallics will be everywhere! Use most of these with caution, please.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lap Top Love

Whoosh...though I'm somewhat tech savvy, I am just now realizing the joy of the laptop while watching TV - how have I missed out on this for so long? While I'm sitting here loving my laptop, I figured I might as well mention a few other things to love (or at least like a lot) right now.

1. Marion Cotillard - I think I may have been one of the few who actually appreciated her Gaultier scale dress at the Oscar's, and I continue to have a girl crush. To fully understand, just go see Nine and watch her eyes. They are positively the most intriguing pair of eyes I've ever seen - so much life in there, they shine like little crystals.
2. Glitter - In any form, for makeup, decor, whatever. Also, strong mention of glitter in the song "Heads will roll" - glitter on the wet streets, glitter over everything, the glitter's all wet...Of course, Martha's elves makes the best. For eyes, Nars Cream Shadow (Corfu's in my basket).
3. 5 - Still haven't made your resolutions for 2010 and need a little nudge? This is the book for you. Read it and make your dreams come true. No, it's not magic -- but maybe you are. Happy New Year!