Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get It!: Fall Shopping List

With September right around the corner, it's almost time to break out the fall clothes!! OK, I know it will still be hot in ATL for two months, but I'm planning ahead. I've made my list and checked it twice (and am listing specific items if I've found just the right thing - although the hunt is half the fun). Here's what I'm buying this fall, hope it will help you get a jump start on your shopping too:

- Chunky black high-heeled boots (Perfect pair: Prada)
- Studded platforms (Perfect pair: Cesare Paciotti)
- Tan or caramel flat boots, preferably a bit worn-in (Perfect pair: Frye)

- White boyfriend v-neck or drape-neck tee (Perfect top: Helmut Lang)
- Grey wrap sweater (Perfect sweater: Vince)
- Tan blazer
- Lamb vest (I've been wanting this for two years!) (Perfect coat: BluGirl)
- Leopard print coat (Perfect coat: Aqua)
- Red and white, abstract patterned blouse (Perfect shirt: Missoni)
- Loose black tank top

- Black bandage skirt (Perfect skirt: BCBG)
- DVF velvet wrap dress
- Skinny, dark jeans
- Baggy, capri cotton pants (Perfect pair: Prancing Leopard)

- The perfect black tights or patterned black tights (Perfect pair: Wolford)
- Gold disk earrings
- Black bag (I wasn't going to list any bags or purses since I'm on restriction, but this is for Stephanie) (Perfect bag: Jimmy Choo)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear Mom and Dad -
Despite my yuppified lifestyle, I am at my core, still the hippie child running on the beach in nothing but my birthday suit. In my old age, I've come to appreciate the things you showed me. I can understand why we lived on a commune at the beach, and why we had to stop at every Indian mound we passed on our state-to-state journeys.

It's all coming full circle - and I now know why I love the idea of placemaking. It's because of you and all of the odd, wild and wonderful experiences I had as an unsheltered child.

So, here's to you parents - this is right up your alley. Waterpod - life and art mixed together in a commune for the 21st century - in (but of course) Manhattan. Seems the bohemian lifestyle continues to revisit. And most surprisingly, it sounds kind of appealing.