Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ATL Steps it Up

If you've been wondering where all of the fun cultural outings in Atlanta have gone, have no fear there are two (count 'em, two!) exciting new exhibits coming up. The first, which I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with, is the traveling King Tut exhibit. Since my mom took me to New Orleans as a child to see King Tut's fabulous gilded wares, I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Egyptian king - hmm, maybe I should break out my Cleopatra costume this Halloween.

The second is the High's installation of more than 100 Chinese warriors from the First Emperor's Terracotta Army. Touted as the 8thWonder of the World, the Army's discovery was one of the greatest archaeological finds in the 20th Century. Both begin this fall, so buy tickets now before they're gone.

See, Atlanta's not just about hip-hop wives and their bling - take that Real Housewives!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Black and Blue

I've always loved the color combo of black and blue - and not in a bruisy way. This week's NYT Bill Cunningham slide montage straight from Paris fashion week shows the innately chic love it too - so go get yourself some for spring and wear it now. Black, always the best choice for clothing, is accented by sapphire blue or shocking pink. I'll be picking blue for myself. Toodles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Parish the Thought

Atlantans, do you keep hearing about Parish? Does it live up to the hype??

I went for the first time tonight, and I have to say atmosphere, yes; food, no. Atmosphere is amazing - I felt like I was in New Orleans - no, New York - no, Atlanta - no, France. Ok, the last one is maybe a stretch, but it does have an amazing atmosphere of brownstone meets New Orleans quirkiness meets Atlanta quaintness.

The food was good, but I thought disappointing as I was expecting much, much more. See my other blog for details on the two varieties of "cheesecake" sampled. I got the veggie plate - locally-grown, organic veggies that were definitely yummy but nothing special - except for the fried squash. Maybe I'm spoiled by all of the great restaurants the ATL has to offer. Nonetheless, a worthwhile experience and I'll definitely go again for happy hour and the cute market downstairs. Bonus: To work in your daily exercise, go to the bathroom and push on the door - it weighs about 100 lbs.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Does Halloween Have to be So Scary?

I don't want to be a sexy kitten or a witch this year -- why must Halloween costumes be so sleazy? I've been wracking my brain to come up with a costume and may resort to being a bat. Do you have any ideas??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love Wordle

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Surrey With a Fringe on Top

I'm seeing stars...oops, I mean fringe, everywhere. I've been noticing it here and there, but this morning it struck me that it is on the tipping edge of becoming a big trend. Sure, this morning's inspiration came in the form of a biker chick with tassles hanging from her handlebars (suede pink, chocolate and black, mind-you), but I found it utterly adorable and it matched her black and pink "biker" jacket perfectly. On Monday's The Hills, LC's cover up was simple and white - except for the fringe hanging from the sleeves. And, fringed purses and boots are popping up everywhere. My current favorites from Gucci are pictured here. Add a little flair to your wardrobe by fringing it up -- just make sure it is tasteful.