Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yoga Glowing

My friend Cassandra is kind of my personal fitness muse. She was a trainer at one point in her many lives and is so committed to keeping in shape. I am not like that. At all. I really hate exercise unless it's riding a horse.

But, something is starting to change in me and I think it's Cassandra's fault. Actually, I know it is. She invited me to do a yoga challenge with her back in January, and I liked it. And, I could see myself getting stronger. So now, I do yoga every damn day (or #yogaeverydamnday). And, I kind of love it!

Here are the tools I use:
YogaGlo - $18.95 a month for unlimited yoga and meditation classes you can do on your own schedule and level!
Instagram - Follow @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga or @stokedyogi for the latest practices aka challenges. Photographing yourself doing the poses seems narcissistic, but it actually helps you see your form, improve and stay motivated thanks to friends and strangers who say nice things about your progress (narcissist).
Pilates Anytime - I haven't joined this yet, but it looks to be the Pilates version of YogaGlo. I heart Pilates too, so maybe I'll join.