Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch This! The Intouchables

Parlez vous Francais? It doesn't matter if you do. This French movie (sub-titled) is so amazing, you just have to watch it. Seriously. Life-changing.

GP's All Good

My love for GP is no secret. She's just inspiring, and her new cookbook is the best yet.

Before the cookbook came out, I began to toy with the idea of cutting lots of nasty things out of my diet. And, living in California, it's pretty easy to do. But, I hated the recipes I was finding for "clean food."

Enter It's All Good. So far, everything I've tried really is All Good (esp. the banana "ice cream"). Yum. Go buy it and make yourself feel better. Special props to GP for not wearing makeup in the photos - I love to see a star who's not too vain to show what she really looks like.