Friday, August 12, 2011

Horse Head

Horses have always been a recurring theme here on ye olde blog, and they continue to be as visions of the big, beautiful creatures dance in my head. This week, my favorite morning escape The Today Show did a profile on an organization located here in sunny San Diego. TROTT helps retrain and find new homes for former racehorses who've passed their prime racing years (2 or 3 years old!). I won't get all negative on you here, because this is a happy blog - but animals who are useless to people after two years, not a good thing.

Anywho, I'm now volunteering with TROTT to help get some visibility for a fundraiser they're putting on later this month. It's so much fun, and lets me get a little horse back in my life. There are TROTT-like organizations all over this great big world, and they all can use your help in one way or another. Find one, and let God's creatures back into your heart...and head.

Friday, August 5, 2011

40 and Fabulous?

Fabuless is more like it. I turned 40 this May, and like magic when the clock struck twelve, I became some weird, self aware, awake person. Wait a minute, I actually feel kind of like I did before I went to college!

I told you (all 24 of you dear readers) when I started this blog it would not be about me. This post is an exception and I hope it will be the only one. But, I wanted to share my plight in a public forum not only to keep myself honest as I trudge through my fourth decade on this planet, but also so that those of you who haven’t yet reached this ripe old age can learn from my mistakes. For aging wisely is also an ingredient of a fabulous, fun life.

So, why the mid-life crisis? I realized today while in the presence of some truly amazing women at BlogHer that I completely lost myself somewhere in my early 20s. How, I do not know. I was always clear about who I wanted to be and what I would be doing by now. If you’d asked me at 23 where I would be today, I would have stated definitively “living in France with my horses, dogs and sheep, doing marketing for Chanel and being a happy, fulfilled and fit me.”

What happened isn’t far off. I live in a beautiful seaside town, I have the most adorable dog, a wonderful husband, and I do marketing (ok, PR) for…a chicken company. I am also carrying around about 20 extra pounds, haven’t ridden a horse in two years and only see France in my dreams and on (very) occasional visits. Maybe I’m a little off track, but it’s not what worries me. I’m still missing something, and it isn’t the horses. Can blogging help get your groove back? For some reason, I think it can help and I’m willing to put everything I can into it to find out!