Monday, February 28, 2011

Indecision 2011

Either my fashion radar is mellowing as I age or the girls did something very, very right at last night's Academy Awards show. I didn't really find too much to complain about, but more shockingly, I still haven't put a stake in the ground about my best dressed...and I'm not sure I will. So, this time I'm going to give out a few awards:

1. Best Dress
I'm not saying I'm totally in awe of the overall look (the earrings should have been emeralds or some other colored gem), but my hands-down favorite dress was this lovely KaufmanFranco black number on the equally stunning Camila Alves. And, it had pockets!

2. Best Hair
I'm completely obsessed with this hair - and I kind of love her hippie/French name too. Sunrise Coigney, wife of uber bohemian hottie Mark Ruffalo, can I have your hair and your hubby?

3. Best Back
ScarJo. Love the curves. Love the messy hair.

4. Best Anne Hathaway Dress Change
Shimmying Oscar de la Renta.

5. Best Girl Crush
Yes, I have a girl crush on Gwyneth. She's just so perfect (almost always).

6. Best Boy
Colin Firth. Mr. Darcy. Totally deserving. Charming. Wearing Tom Ford.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspiration 2011

At last! I've had a creative breakthrough instead of a creative breakdown. Over the last week my brain has been up to its usual fun, taking in the surroundings and then dreaming up all sorts of new stuff. Thank goodness, I think I may be back! Here's what's inspiring me right now!

1. Sheep
No surprise here, I love animals. But I think sheep are in for a real boom soon - they'll be replacing fancy chickens as the next big trend in animal husbandry.

2. Do-gooders
The recession mindset is here to stay folks. No longer will you be the shit for having the "it" bag, a big expensive car or shiniest bling. Think Philippe Cousteau instead of Paris Hilton.

3. War Horse
I've written about this before. If you didn't read it, I'm reminding you. And, I'm right.

4. Lauren Bacall hair and natural brows
See above samples of perfect beauty.

5. 70s style, bleached-out bell bottom jeans
I admit, it's going to be hard to give up my dark and skinnies. These things require some serious working out to look good in. Girls, get your leotards!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAG Showdown

The SAGs are one of those low-key Hollywood nights where it's nice to see people's true sense of black-tie style come out (or not). Sunday night's affair was a pretty good showing. I had to sit with the dresses for a few days to decide my favorites - but they ended up being the same as they were at showtime. Haven't I learned by now? One should always go with their gut.

Top billing goes to Amy Adams in Herve Leroux. I just love this dress, the hair and earrings. And no, it's not fit to total and complete perfection, but she looks amazing anyway. And, I hate big boobs, so the fact that her boobs aren't all over the place makes me happy.

Oh can I please wear Leah Michele's Oscar de la Renta for my 40th birthday party? And have her body to go with it? I adore this dress, her soft hair and simple makeup.

Honorable mentions go to January Jones for totally mixing it up from the Globes, Julie Bowen for wearing an amazing Malandrino jumpsuit and Hailee Steinfeld for being so darn cute in Prada.