Friday, January 16, 2009

Itty Bitty

I heart Bitty. Mark Bittman, he of New York Times foodie fame, is just so great. I love that he loves food. I love his dry sense of humor. I love that he's a minimalist who enjoys the simple flavors of real food and doesn't try to get all Gourmet magazine-fancy on you.

I'm adding a new feed to his blog on the right. And, check him out in all his glory in The Minimalist video series and column - you'll love him too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Belle du Jour

After further analysis of the Golden Globes' looks from Sunday's spectacular, I've made a final decision on my best dressed picks. I won't be panning anyone's outfits here this time around, although I will give Drew Barrymore's hair an honorable mention for horrid behavior.

Best Dressed Woman: Cameron Diaz
Flawless, pink Chanel - as usual, Cameron is setting trends for spring.

Best Dressed Man: Tom Cruise
I haven't lately been a fan, but whatever Katie's putting in the water (or the plastic surgery budget) is working. This man looked impeccable and like an old-fashioned movie star.

For a full blow-by-blow of the fashion hits and misses from this year's show, the NYT has the best coverage.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two for One

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd post a two-for-one in honor of happy hour (and because I can't sleep!).

The second most important thing I need to tell you about today is Lady Antebellum. I was lucky enough to catch on to them during my much-needed holiday break, and I have to let the cat out of the bag now before they get too famous.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of country music - despite the fact that my husband is from Nashville. But, I've got to give it to this band - they've got that all-powerful star quality that you just can't deny. And, I have to admit, it doesn't hurt that lead-singer Charles Kelley is flat-out sexy (and a fellow Georgia Bulldog).

Try 'em out, before someone else tells you to.

Hot Child in The City

Hey there Upper East Siders. If you're a fan of all things trival (aka The Hills), there's a new gig in town, er, I mean the City. I have to apologize for being slightly behind the curve on this one, but I have to post info. on The City for those fashion and gossip mongers who aren't already aware.

The spin-off of the top-rated MTV series, The Hills, is now in full-swing this season on MTV, and what a swing it is. Fashion, oh my. Male models, oh my. Catty society girls, oh my. I love it!

Watch it now to see what DVF is preparing for Spring 2009 so you can hit the streets in the latest before everyone else, and watch especially for "social" Olivia Palermo's pouty looks every time she asks about Whitney's beau, Jay. LC better watch out, or her reign will soon be over - everyone knows NYC is much more fascinating than LA.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Road Weary

After too much road time, I decided to stop the blogging nonsense. There was nothing trendy, chic or "it" about our destinations - despite the fact we did have a fab time. I will provide a few quick tips here about our last stops in Nashville and Chattanooga in case you're planning a trip:

Union Station Hotel - gorgeous!
Loveless Cafe - delicious (save your calories up though)!
Green Hills Mall - sad and lonely, I realize how lucky we Atlantans are with all of the shopping options despite my lust after New York's shopping institutions
Mafiozza's Pizza - quite the scene and some delicious antipasti

Bluff View Inn - I've said it before, a gem for a weekend jaunt
St. John's Restaurant - creative food with a price tag fit for the big city
Good friends and coming home to our beloved pups the next day - priceless!

Next stop, LA LA Land. I can't wait and I know there will be much to blog about!