Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Road Weary

After too much road time, I decided to stop the blogging nonsense. There was nothing trendy, chic or "it" about our destinations - despite the fact we did have a fab time. I will provide a few quick tips here about our last stops in Nashville and Chattanooga in case you're planning a trip:

Union Station Hotel - gorgeous!
Loveless Cafe - delicious (save your calories up though)!
Green Hills Mall - sad and lonely, I realize how lucky we Atlantans are with all of the shopping options despite my lust after New York's shopping institutions
Mafiozza's Pizza - quite the scene and some delicious antipasti

Bluff View Inn - I've said it before, a gem for a weekend jaunt
St. John's Restaurant - creative food with a price tag fit for the big city
Good friends and coming home to our beloved pups the next day - priceless!

Next stop, LA LA Land. I can't wait and I know there will be much to blog about!

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