Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot Child in The City

Hey there Upper East Siders. If you're a fan of all things trival (aka The Hills), there's a new gig in town, er, I mean the City. I have to apologize for being slightly behind the curve on this one, but I have to post info. on The City for those fashion and gossip mongers who aren't already aware.

The spin-off of the top-rated MTV series, The Hills, is now in full-swing this season on MTV, and what a swing it is. Fashion, oh my. Male models, oh my. Catty society girls, oh my. I love it!

Watch it now to see what DVF is preparing for Spring 2009 so you can hit the streets in the latest before everyone else, and watch especially for "social" Olivia Palermo's pouty looks every time she asks about Whitney's beau, Jay. LC better watch out, or her reign will soon be over - everyone knows NYC is much more fascinating than LA.

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