Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ATL Steps it Up

If you've been wondering where all of the fun cultural outings in Atlanta have gone, have no fear there are two (count 'em, two!) exciting new exhibits coming up. The first, which I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with, is the traveling King Tut exhibit. Since my mom took me to New Orleans as a child to see King Tut's fabulous gilded wares, I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Egyptian king - hmm, maybe I should break out my Cleopatra costume this Halloween.

The second is the High's installation of more than 100 Chinese warriors from the First Emperor's Terracotta Army. Touted as the 8thWonder of the World, the Army's discovery was one of the greatest archaeological finds in the 20th Century. Both begin this fall, so buy tickets now before they're gone.

See, Atlanta's not just about hip-hop wives and their bling - take that Real Housewives!

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