Monday, November 10, 2008

Vampires that Don't Suck...At Least I Hope Not

It's been a while since I've blogged - there's not been much happy news to report despite my attempts to keep a bright, shiny outlook on things. But at last, something comes my way that inspires my creative juices to flow again. And what is it you ask? Vampires!

Twilight HD Trailer

Twilight, a new vampire movie out in theaters on Nov. 20, looks good enough to take me out of my repressed childhood sheets and blankets covering my head every night for fear of getting bitten by a vampire phase. Every 10 or so years vampires have their day in the sun (er, moonlight) and this year's version features a British import in the title role, pegged as "the sexiest vampire" by People. I don't know much more about it yet except that it also features a new Paramore song that I like -- a lot. I'm going to check it out. After all, it is the first movie since Sex and the City that has piqued my interest this year -- and it'll be a fun outing after I'm full of Thanksgiving turkey.

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