Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall Flung

I'm somewhat uninspired this fall, what with my relocation to California and the year of perpetual summer (plus, my Vogue September issue STILL hasn't come). Now, don't get me wrong, California is inspiring...the weather just doesn't support a seasonal wardrobe change. In spite of the fact I now live in yoga clothes and don't brush my hair, I still love a good fall fashion shopping spree. This year, I thought I'd give you my list so you can go out and prep for the cold weather and I can live vicariously. Enjoy!

Leather - Opera length gloves (please wear with short or 3/4 sleeves, not dresses). T-shirts. Mini skirts. Tailored jackets. Just get something.

Wide-legged trousers - Thank you Celine.

Camel blazer or coat - Go the menswear route. Or unexpected with peekaboos.

Red - Granted, I posted a bathing suit. But this one is so beautiful you could wear it as a tank under a cardigan and pants.

Crossbody - This is the ultimate, and believe me, I've been looking forever.

Cozy knitwear - My absolute favorite look of all is this sweater and skirt combo. Give it a minute to load.

Wrap belt and floor-length skirt - You don't have to wear these together. This epitomizes fall for me.

BTW, last year's list is still pretty relevant - if you need a reminder of my forecasts for Fall 2009, revisit this post.

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