Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Gwyneth Paltrow is copying me. I'm very disturbed, because I can't compete with her money or influence -- and of course, she's married to one of the most amazing men on God's green earth.

I saw tonight that she's just launched a new web site called GOOP - I guess it's a Gwyneth co-op of sorts. Really, all she did is steal my concept for Itgredients and post it on a real web site instead of just a lowly old blog. What's next? She's going to ask for the help of friends and strangers to buy some old dilapidated French Chateau and try to open a bed and breakfast? Geez - can't people be original anymore?

P.s. - Just kidding, I think she's fabulous and if she read Itgredients, I'd be thrilled!

P.p.s - Sign up for her newsletter now to get her tips when the site fully launches.

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