Friday, September 26, 2008

Awful Assets

Hmmm, didn't "assets" used to be a good word? I just overheard on ABC News the phrase "no one wants to buy awful assets" - seems a bit like an oxymoron, eh? The economy is freakishly scary right now, but that doesn't mean you have to hunker down and become a hermit. Here are a few ideas for living on the cheap:

1. Get Outside! Ride your bike, plant a garden, walk the dogs, roll in the grass (I saw a cute dog doing this on the way home, looked like fun!)
2. Sell some stuff - Clean out your closet, garage, junk drawers and sell it all - I'm a big advocate for throwing away too, but some people don't like to get rid of stuff, so why not try posting on eBay or have a garage sale?
3. Check out the local scene - Anyone ever wander their own neighborhood anymore? There are great finds to to be had - personally, I love my local French bakery; and C'est Moi for glamorous accessories, furniture, coffee table books and much, much more; local nail salon; and pet supply store where my dog and I go to watch the hamsters and ferrets for hours.
4. People watch in the gas line - Go watch road rage at its finest at your local gas station. Take some pictures while you're at it.

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