Friday, July 18, 2008

Yuppy Revenge

God, I'm craving Seattle sushi and red wine. I can't stop thinking of my favorite sushi haunt in Seattle's Madison Park neighborhood (Chinoise?) that my mom and I go to almost every time I visit her in the Emerald City. Super cute neighborhood, former home to Kurt Cobain - although it has nothing grungy about it. I think I'm craving a dose of Seattle - it's the perfect time of year to visit - and have a hunch that grunge is on it's way back. Prepare to be mad for plaid this fall - and look for a few flannel shirt-inspired duds on the catwalks.

Conversely, I have also been predicting a major return of the prepster for some time. While boat shoes (or Docksiders, topsiders, whatever you call them) are back in a big way this summer, keep an eye out for even more signs of the times (recession, anyone?) to make their 80's style mark as our economy continues to falter. Watch out for even more severe bobs, Barbour jackets, turned-up collars on starched polos, gold-link bracelets and Rolexes, vintage BMWs, totes and duffle bags. I haven't begun to see the signs in stores yet, so I may be ahead of the curve on this by at least a season or two, but I'd be willing to bet the farm on it. For a hint, check out the ultimate preppy band, Vampire Weekend. They're my new fave for weekends on the boat.

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Mrs. Smith said...

Speaking of shopping - for all those going through or in Atlanta, great new store in Lenox Mall called Madewell. Super cute & casual t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, etc. Although I am sure with a little effort, any piece could be dressed-up.
And - as long as you are there hit the new Pottery Barn store (also in Lenox). I have heard rumor it is now the biggest Pottery Barn store - anywhere. Easy to believe - two glorious levels of treats for your home. I was ready to move in there after about 5 min.

Happy Shopping!