Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vive la France

If only I had a million dollars. Yesterday, I visited chocolatier extraordinaire Lexington Chocolatier in the Georgia Tech complex to buy some of their sinful chocolate covered oreos. What does this have to do with France you ask? Or a million dollars? Well, we got on the subject of our collective obsession with Marie Antoinette and my dream to one day be an English speaking tour guide at Versailles. The owner of LC regularly monitors a French Chateau-for-sale web site for his dream home and sent me the link. Mon dieux, I need a Chateau tout de suite and can get one for only 1 million U.S. dollars. Anyone want to lend me some money?

While I dream of owning property en France, I'll indulge my weakness for French pastry at Douceur de France in Marietta. This tiny, off-the-beaten-path patisserie sells Atlanta's most authentique French pastries, cakes, baguette and more. Just this morning, I bought a selection of croissants, macaron de Paris and un Napoleon for a weekend of indulgence. Yum!

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Renee V said...

Mmmmm. Those chocolate oreos were delicieux. Merci beaucoup for showing me such sinful goodness.