Monday, December 28, 2009

The Saints are Calling...

As I prepare for my next trip west over the New Year's holiday, I realized I still haven't written about my fabulous trip to Santa Barbara in September. So, what's a must there? Read on...

We stayed at The Canary. I'm pretty much obsessed with Spanish architecture, white stucco, dark wood, so I was in heaven. And, they give all the guests rubber froggies for the bath - ours now sits in our tub at home so it can remind me of our amazing trip. There are a lot of beautiful hotels in Santa Barbara, so pick the one that fits your personality best.

Santa Barbara has just about anything you might desire, with Saks, Nordstrom, Apple and the local Blue Bee panoply at your toes along State St. Downtown Montecito (vacation home to Oprah) will give you your mega-luxury fix, and there are cute antique shops hidden along the 1. I recommend just getting off the road and toodling around.

Hmm, one of my favorite subjects. For breakfast, definitely The Original Sambo's on the beach. For sushi, Arigato. For Mexican, Carlitos or Julia Child's favorite La Super-Rica Taqueria (sadly, we didn't get to try it). For steak, Holdren's. For guac, you must, must, must go for the Avofest in Carpinteria (Oct. 1-3, 2010). Beer, Island Brewing Company. And finally, wine - drive up to Los Olivos with your DD. Stop off in Solvang on the way for your fill of kitsch and some darn good Danish pancakes.

If you've got some extra pocket change, stay or eat at the San Ysidro Ranch. The legendary honeymoon escape for Jackie and JFK, this place is so special even for normal couples. Dinner in the Stonehouse at sunset may be one of my most memorable meals ever.

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Marty said...

Thanks for the shoutout to Blue Bee! As a Santa Barbara local, I must say you chose the best of the best, including Oprah, who shops at Blue Bee! Haha! Next time, try Super Rica for sure or Los Arroyos or La Carreta, our favorite Mexican spots! Thanks again!