Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Drink and...Dress

There are some people in this world (like me) who take both people watching and fashion very seriously. There are others who think it's all a big joke and dress to impress leaving all of us in the other category to utter, "what were they thinking?"

At tonight's The Big Finish party benefiting the High Museum of Art, there were residents of both camps in attendance. Sure, there were some well-dressed Atlanta recessionistas in the house, including the requisite SEC-gameday-esque Tori Burchettes and their bow-tied companions, and what appeared to be fledgling designers slash stylists trolling the halls. But what really caught my attention were those no holds barred fashion don'ts. Here's a quick overview in our first-ever fashion faux pas extravaganza:

Too many brights don't make a right (you can't see the bright gold purse here):

Taking a cue from the brightest girl in the room isn't always smart:

Tam o'shanters aren't cute unless it's St. Patty's Day (and neither are jodhpurs with stockings and partial loafers):

If it's bigger than your head, it's probably not meant to go atop it:

Big props to Candace for helping capture these images.

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