Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion Flu

Gosh darn it, the flu has held me down long enough and I've got to break free. Sunday night's Oscar broadcast and "Super Bowl o' fashion" was dampened by the onset of a viral plague, but it won't befall the muddy-headed fashion commentary I've been waiting a whole year to write (read at your own risk).

The Winners and the Losers
Honestly, I can't say there was one red carpet walker I felt stole the show, which is kind of a disappointment. I also can't say there was a horrid display of bad taste, which means most are getting it somewhat right, but not totally.

Here's my rundown of the B+ vote-getters in my book:

Taraji Henson - Gorgeous gown and just the right jewels, perfect hair - pretty much flawless

John Legend - Well-suited in his classic tux with a slim, modern cut

Natalie Portman - Possibly the stand-out of the night both for the color and the outfit's overall simplicity

Robert Pattinson - Yummy in all his delicious Edward Cullen-ness. A big thank you to the Academy for including him in the line up.

Mickey Rourke - An honorable mention for his originality, that's what fashion is made of folks. Plus, I adore that he loved his dog so much.

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