Thursday, December 4, 2008


I thought about doing a word of the day (WOTD), but I realized that would be really hard to keep up with. So, I'm doing word of the month (WOTM) instead. I always get stuck on a word that I think is particularly worthy of use over and over (and sometimes over) again.

Last month's word was "Terroir," which is worthy of a post in and of itself. I love the word because it is impossible to say. I was wracking my brain for weeks around how to say it properly - and then, voila, at the JS retreat our wine tasting guide (aka sommelier) said it! OK, pronunciation time - tear whar. Now I've seen it in an ad for Kendall Jackson. Who knows where it will pop up next. BTW, it loosely means "sense of place."

This month's word is "Trotting." A trot is a speeded-up walk, almost a run. My dog Collier is a great trotter. Horses all trot, so do pigs, cows, and people too. Just get a mental picture of it - "let's go trotting." Hilarious.

I can't wait to see what next month brings - I promise it won't be anything too cerebral.

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