Thursday, August 7, 2008

Capitol Campaign

Wow - this country is campaign crazy. During a visit to DC this week, I realized what an industry there is just making hideous campaign T-shirts, buttons, mugs, snowglobes - all matter of paraphernalia.

On the less tacky side, DC's wonderful museums and cultural institutions always make me yearn for more culture. Currently, the Smithsonian's International Museum features the works of Jim Henson. Here you can see the real Kermit THE frog, Bert and Ernie and many more of our childhood friends, including the frackles pictured below.

After getting your fix of the big city, take a short train ride down to Alexandria. With its airy waterfront locale and amazingly beautiful and quaint historic buildings, you can almost feel our forefathers in the air. At the Torpedo Factory (yes, they did make torpedoes there once), local artists showcase their wares in dozens of studios. One of my favorites is Lisa Schumaier. Her Raku animals, monsters and people are so devilishly clever. I've got the "Smarter Monster" waiting for me to send for him.

Lisa introduced me to her friend Kathy Beynette, who is a painter. Kathy's work is also on my wish list - the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood reading a book or zebras speaking French schoolbook phrases, how can you get any better?

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