Thursday, February 11, 2016


Spring has already sprung here in SoCal, with the dogwoods blooming and my allergies kicking in. Here's my round-up of what you and I need to stay chic this warm season:

Do it like the French girls...

Little Black Bags
So many good ones. Pick high or low. Wear it cross-body or not.
Little Liffner

Saint Laurent

High Tops
All the cool girls are doing it.

There is always one elusive item I just have to have and cannot find. I can't even describe this thing I saw. It was part dickey, part turtleneck, part sweater, with no sides or arms, just a turtleneck, long front panel and long back. Worn over a tank. So effortless. So darn amazing. Will keep looking. Just think cool, cool way to layer.

No bra, no problem. Yay!

Slip Dress
I will never forget Kate Moss in the 80s. Only wish my hipbones still jutted out.
Worn here by local Ojai gal, Erin Wasson

Flesh and bone, baby.
Kiki de Montparnasse

And with it being NYFW and all, my head is already spinning for fall. Velvet. Bow blouses. Bombers. Silk. Tweeds. Culottes. Oh my. Better. Start. Saving. Enjoy!

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Margaret M. Jackson said...

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