Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Made to Run

I'm not a runner, never have been. I mean this in the most non-runner way...really. Like Forrest Gump, I was advised to wear leg braces as a child. But like the Taurus that I am, I rejected the unfashionable footware, so my legs aren't exactly the model of efficiency. For some crazy reason when my hubby got deployed to Iraq in 2009 I decided it might be a good year to try running...a half marathon. Let's just say I checked that off my list and I haven't run more than three miles in a day since. But, I've got the bug again and thought it might be fun to share some things that helped make me into a runner. If you're considering starting or continuing a running program, I hope this helps:

1. Madonna - Any Madonna track will do, but for me, it was the song Jump that got me through the long runs when I just didn't think I could go another step. Start with Jump, then make yourself a running playlist the length of your target run - that way, you can keep going till the songs run out.
2. Nike capri running pants - Even when I was sweating to the core, I still felt chic in these things. I like these new Livestrong ones for a good cause.
3. Balega socks - Without the purchase of my first pair, I never would have run a half marathon. These socks are like clouds for your feet.
4. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap - Totally reinvigorating when you're achy and tired
5. Reward - I don't have a competitive bone in my body, so reward is important to me. It could be an extra big glass of wine that night, or a piece of chocolate...or a new running outfit. Whatever, make sure the reward is in line with the goal (i.e., hitting your first five miles = new outfit).
6. Setting - Pick somewhere that inspires you to do better. Don't just run by the side of any old road - run along the river, on the beach, in a beautiful park. If you're traveling, take your running shoes and see the sights - running is free after all.

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