Sunday, November 1, 2009

Next Up?

My fashion radar is going off again. Here are a few predictions for what’s next:
White tights – cute in a schoolgirl sort of way, but made more interesting and sophisticated by pairing them with structured dresses, black poufy skirts and chunky ankle boots.

Velvet – I tried on a fantastic, draped DVF dress in ultra-soft velvet that I am still dying over (OK, I just bought it). Baroque color combos and creative shapes are a must to keep the look from getting too precious or Juicy-sweatsuit-esque (yuck).

Braids – Follow the lead of California’s surfer girls and put a single mini braid on each side of your center part before pulling up in a pony, or two big side braids or one big braid down the back – long hair is a must to work this look, so start growing out now.

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