Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastille with...Blanche and Borat?

Today's installment in honor of Bastille Day is marked by some incredibly intriguing spottings from this sit-back-and-observe kind of gal.

A celebratory Bastille Day happy hour was marked with fun, girly conversation, champagne, cheese (but, of course) and sweat (we did sit outside). But as usual in my case, the sights were the most compelling part of the evening. Unfortunately, I did not capture these sights on film for posterity, but I think we witnessed what could be best described as the ne plus ultra of Glamour don'ts at Atmosphere tonight. A 60-plus something and her wild-n-crazy husband glammed it up for the big Frenchie night - she in a white, cut-off jean skirt with belly and breast-baring low cut maroon bathing suit(?). The outfit can best be described as Blanche from Golden Girls meets Borat in his green unitard. Mon dieu!

Cap that off with a rotund bike rider replete with helmet and zebra-striped tee and the party was on! Guess my Louboutins and YSL handbag were a little overdone.

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